Upgrades - Make it faster

Memory - What's the fastest upgrade?

To save the manufacturer a few bucks, your computer most likely shipped with the least amount of memory possible to make it run. Want to speed it up? Increase your RAM! Call us with your computer brand, model number, and operating system version and let us quote you what it would cost to "max-it-out".

Hard Drives - Need more speed and storage?

Hard drives get bigger every day. If you just need more space, contact us about adding a second drive to store all of those pictures that you take. Looking for speed? Let us add a new solid state drive (no moving parts) to really increase your performance. This would be a great time for an operating system upgrade.

Video Power - What? You can't play the Sims?.

That new computer that you bought won't play the games that you thought it would? Many times, a video upgrade may be all that you need. Let us beef up your system with a card that can handle those pixels and let you frag away.

Processor - Brains and brawn

Here we are, back to the 'off the shelf' computer with the least amount of power needed so that some corporate jack-a** can rip you off and still fuel up his yacht. Processor upgrades can only go so far, it all depends on your main board. Let us give you an estimate of what it would take to max your potential, or if we think that it wouldn't be economical to do so, we'll tell you.

Monitor - Video real estate.

You can see much more with a bigger monitor. Today's computers can run just about any size monitor, they can even display on televisions. How about two, three, or more? Studies show that a second monitor can boost productivity (look it up). Plus it looks cool on your desk :) Give us a chance to show you what your computer can do.

Operating System - Welcome to the present

If you are the kind of person who doesn't embrace change, forget it. However, a new operating system will get you all of the latest features available, more security, and will most likely slow-down your system (sorry). Choose this option wisely, you should consider getting at least a RAM upgrade at the same time. Tired of Windows and viruses? Ready to learn something new? Ask us about installing one of the many versions of Linux on your computer.