Repairs - We can fix it

Laptop Screens - Hey, accidents happen.

You've got a kid, or maybe you're just clumsy... One of our most frequent repair jobs is replacing broken laptop screens. Bring it in, or call us for an estimate. We can have a NEW screen ordered and installed for you in just a few days, and for much less than you think.

Broken Power Jacks - Oops, again...

Fighting for the #1 spot for the most repairs are broken laptop power jacks. Whether you tripped over your cord (back to clumsy), or it's just worn out, we can replace your power jack for you within a few days of dropping it (pun intended) off with us.

Power Supplies - Zap, and it's gone.

Lightning strikes, power surges, brown-outs, they can all zap your power supply and leave you dead in the water. Thankfully, the majority of today's power supplies are the same size and we can have yours replaced in a flash (another pun).

Hard Drive Failure - You did back-it-up, right?

Your car engine probably idles around 750 RPMs. Your average computer drive spins almost 10 times that fast. It's a moving part, and there's no oil to change, it's going to fail. Get it to us before it, and all of your stuff, is completely gone, and let us replace it with a new one.

Bad Capacitors - Swollen and stinky.

Lots of things can cause a capacitor to go bad; heat, over-powering, cheap manufacturing, industrial espionage (no joke, search for "capacitor plague")... If the damage isn't too bad, we can replace the bad 'caps' for you and stop your computer from acting flakey and doing that weird stuff without having to try and find a similar replacement board that will most likely develop the same problem.