Our other services

Business Class Support - Let your company grow!

If you are outgrowing your current server, or would just like to add a simple wireless network, give us a call and let us show you how we can upgrade your business to the latest technological level and still keep you within your budget. Choose from several ranges of upgrades, or just let us maintain what you've already got.

Networking - Sharing info.

Got more than one computer? Want them to talk to each other? Want to print to your existing printer in another room? Want to go wireless? We can do all of this for you, and more. Just swing by and ask us about networking and see what your options are.

Tablet Repair - These things are easy to sit on.

Did your kids sit on that new tablet that you got for Christmas? Has the darn thing just quit charging? Bring it by for a free estimate and let us see if it can be repaired cheaper than it can be replaced. Depending on brand and parts availability, we may have you back up and running in no time.

Cell Phones - Your lifeline disconnecting?

Today people LIVE on their phones. Is yours just not running like it used to? Have you downloaded a bunch of junk that you don't want anymore? Bring in your life support system and let us refresh it to like-new. Want to monitor your children's text messages? We can install software for you that will do just that.

Game Consoles - The red ring of death.

Game consoles break, too. Optical drives fail, systems overheat, tempers cause them to fly across the room... Bring in your broken system and let us get you back to gaming. We even install custom cases and mods.