Services that we offer

Malware Removal - Our number one fix.

Mal-ware = MALicious softWARE. These are you viruses, password stealers, botnets, rootkits, etc. Each has it's own set of unique problems that it creates and removal intensity varies. With the sheer number of new infections that hit the web daily, we stay inundated trying keep them at bay. Very few have ever destroyed any data, and none have ever turned anyone into the FBI. Let us remove those pesky critters and show you the best ways to keep them out of your hair.

Blue Screen of Death - Windows crashes... a lot.

Why does it happen? Several reasons... Did you just install something new? Windows updates could have caused a driver to conflict. Your memory or your hard drive could be failing. Did the power flicker at the wrong time? It could be one of a dozen things. Bring your system in and let us check your logs for the problem and apply the appropriate fix to get you running again.

Cleaning - Find a nice warm place to bed down.

The cozy inside of your computer is the perfect place for dust, insects, and animals, to settle down. Even if your house is immaculate, dust will still build up inside your system. The eventual accumulation will clog your vents and prevent your system from cooling efficiently and will decrease performance and the life of your system. Here we see the computer belonging to a smoker with a SLIGHT roach infestation. There WILL be an extra charge if we find living insects/animals inside of your computer, or as in this case, we may just seal it in a plastic bag and set it outside.

Reloads - Back up and punt

Have you ever wanted to just start over? We can do that for you. We can backup all of your pictures, songs, documents, and emails, and then reload you from scratch. When you get it home, it will be like you just turned it on for the first time. This would also be the perfect time to consider a new hard drive upgrade.

On-site service - We come to you.

Don't want to pack it up and come in? We can come to you. Yeah it costs more to come onsite and we have funny hours, but we are still faster, better, and cheaper than Best-Buy. (In more ways than one.) We also work with many local businesses, on-site and remotely, to get them back to serving their customers as soon as possible.